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Powerful data collection


SPC-Light™ is a standalone product providing a set of modules that allows you to purchase only the components you require.

SPC-Light™ has been designed to collect and analyse data easily so that you can take control of your processes. It allows you to monitor performance and achieve sustainable improvements in quality and profitability. It has been implemented in a wide variety of manufacturing industries, from automotive to electronic; from steel to glass.

Simple configuration...

SPC-Light™ is easy to learn; it's intuitive and quick to work with as the frequent tasks that you perform can be defined as the system defaults. SPC programs and measurement routines can be quickly created and easily modified with password privileges. Most users are up and running within just a few hours following the easy installation!

Powerful data collection...

Flexible data collection is one of the key factors if SPC is to become successful in your organisation. From the conventional hand tool to the most sophisticated CMM, SPC-Light™ has the engine to cope! Measuring tools can either be connected directly to any of the available COM ports on the PC or through a multiplexer that can connect multiple tools to the one COM port.

Clear presentation...

To get the best acceptance on the shopfloor you need to present the information in a format that operators can easily interpret.

SPC-Light™ can arrange the screen to maximize the number of characteristics shown - you can scroll through the data and zoom in or out to your preference. Present the data alongside the chart, view an image of the product or link the SPC study to an external document.

For the shopfloor screens can be locked into position to enable users to view the data in a consistent and familiar way and to prevent unauthorised users from experimenting with settings and creating difficulties.

Powerful analysis...

Process improvement can only come about if you are able to understand the factors that effect performance.

Ever wondered how the process performs by shift, tool, material supplier etc. Using the powerful filtering you can now produce capability reports by any criteria.

Flexibility for the Future...

You can run your SPC-Light™ application on a single PC or across a Local Area Network (LAN). Simply expand the network as your requirements grow.

SPC-Light™ provides a set of modules that allows you to purchase only the components that you require. If your requirements change simply buy the relevant add-on.

Languages supported...

English International, French, German, Italian, Spanish, Swedish, English American