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World-leading MES solutions: delivering real-time Manufacturing Operations Management

Lighthouse Systems' Manufacturing Execution System (MES) solutions have helped hundreds of organisations around the world to enable digital transformation and improve manufacturing performance.


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Shopfloor-Online MES for Smart Manufacturing

Modular MES for all your factory operations

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Production · Quality · Inventory · Maintenance

Industry 4.0 Connectivity

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Web-based, available on-premise, in your datacentre, in the cloud

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Enterprise-ready MES for your Industry

  • Implemented across a wide range of industries
  • Flexible to the specific needs of each manufacturer
  • Standardised to remain future-proof

Featured Customer Stories

Global organisations are achieving better manufacturing performance with Shopfloor-Online
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SunPower PV panels and solar technology

SunPower improves traceability, compliance and efficiency with Shopfloor-Online MES

Solar panel manufacturer redesigns manufacturing system at Mexican factory to combine smart equipment, improved processes, plant automation and Lighthouse MES software.

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John Cotton Replaces Legacy Shop Floor Systems with Lighthouse MES

John Cotton Group required future-proof manufacturing operations software able to manage short production runs and product variations as well as work with SAP and existing...

Allied Glass bottle manufacturing

Allied Glass gets a clear view of bottle production with Shopfloor-Online MES

Premium UK glass maker gains competitive edge with Shopfloor-Online MES Modules: more efficient quality control, increased throughput and reduced faults and rejects.


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KP Snacks

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