Manufacturing Metrics That Matter in an IOT World - eBook

In this downloadable eBook, find out how the emerging Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT) world impacts manufacturers, and how they are prioritising software investment in MES (manufacturing execution systems) / MOM (manufacturing operations management), manufacturing process management (workflow), plant intelligence and plant analytics.


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LNS Research: Traceability as part of an Operational Excellence strategy

In this section of their MOM survey, LNS Research look at where manufacturing companies are in their Operational Excellence journey relative to having processes and software capabilities in place to perform end-to-end product tracking. They also identify direct correlations between having these capabilities in place, with the ability to meet customer expectations of quality and delivery. 

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Accelerating Operational Excellence - eBook

Whether coming from a large, global manufacturer or from a smaller, more regional organization, readers of this eBook will be able to quickly relate to manufacturing operational challenges that they see in their own businesses. Understand how to get on the fast track with an Operational Excellence journey that includes programs, processes, and technologies that truly will address these challenges.

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Multi-site deployment of a Manufacturing Execution System

Enabling the standardisation of manufacturing operations is a core benefit of manufacturing execution systems. Enabling this standardisation across multiple sites is a growing requirements of medium to large manufacturers. Flexible and available in 15 languages, Shopfloor-Online is the ideal manufacturing execution software solution to do exactly this. Here is why.


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Nissan introduces new model into production faster with Shopfloor-Online MES software

Nissan Sunderland leverages Shopfloor-Online MES to rationalise and improve quality operations for the launch of their new Qashqai model. One central place for all quality data helped to reduce the product launch time scale by 50%.

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GTECH increases efficiencies in gaming machine manufacturing

GTECH is a leading commercial operator and provider of technology in the highly regulated worldwide gaming market. Each gaming machine that GTECH produces must comply with local gaming regulations and customer specifications. To better guarantee compliance and improve overall efficiency, the company implemented a complete MES system from Lighthouse Systems at its Canadian assembly plant in Moncton. 

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Placement to Graduate

Tabetha Slade began her career with Lighthouse Systems back in July 2015, where she was accepted onto our one year, Student placement programme. Now, two years on, Tabetha has successful completed her degree and is now a fully fledge member of the Lighthouse System family, a software Project Engineer to be exact.  

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United Biscuits takes step-by-step approach to manufacturing information strategy

Leading biscuit manufacturer rolls-out Shopfloor-Online MES in 8 of its European plants, delivering fast and reliable insight into a range of key indicators. The integrated MES system has improved OEE, quality and traceability and ensures compliance with European Food Safety & Standards.

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Bulten streamlines shop floor processes for greater visibility and improved documentation

Bulten is one of few Full Service Providers of fasterner solutions to the international automotive industry. Shopfloor-Online MES replaced the factory’s previous paper-based quality control process to meet its changing requirements: the need for instant visibility on its processes and the capability to provide accurate documentation to its customers. 

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