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Supplier Complaints

Supplier Complaints Management - Lighthouse MES Quality

Drive improvements through the manufacturing supply chain


Are you looking for an easy tool to manage supplier complaints & non-conformance?

By putting in place a robust supplier non-conformance management system you can benchmark suppliers and drive them to deliver better quality. Use the Supplier Complaints Management module of Lighthouse MES software to:
  • Record issues and all related information 
  • Automatically notify various people / groups
  • Enforce the business process to manage the complaint through to resolution
  • Develop a history of issues against each supplier to assess performance

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What are the benefits of the Supplier Complaints Management module:

  1. Improve supplier performance – use the data to measure suppliers and track improvements
  2. Improve claims – capture issues more fully at the point of use, use the data in MES system to show the effect of supplier’s materials

Record the issues

  • Record the issue when and where it arises: in good-inwards or where the materials are used
  • Capture supporting information e.g. supplier, batch, nature of complaint, detail, date of complaint, quantity affected, and quantity received
  • Attach related documents: supplier certificates, delivery notes, photographs of defects

Manage the process

  • Assign ownership
  • Send emails to notify people/groups internally or direct with suppliers
  • Manage the complaint: change its status as it moves through the process
  • Track the progress of the complaint and any associated actions


  • Analyse the nature and frequency of complaints
  • Analyse suppliers' performance over time
Get more value from Supplier Complaints module by using it in conjunction with other modules of Lighthouse MES:
  • Job Tracking -  to identify the production run or work order, production line or shift associated with the complaint.
  • Quality - to access the results of all quality checks performed or missed on the production run.
  • Inventory Management - to trace back to lots of materials used/created in the process.
  • Build Traceability - to manage traceability down to serialised parts.
  • Concerns and CAPA - to track issues internally