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Maintenance Operations - Lighthouse MES

Evolve from reactive to proactive and automated, across the plant


A Complete Maintenance Management Solution

Lighthouse MES holds the maintenance plan, with procedures and triggers to perform maintenance (periodically, based number of cycles/pieces, or specific events). The MES system generates maintenance orders and allocates them automatically to engineers or teams, who can access the instructions on any mobile devices or tablets. The MES system builds a complete life cycle history for all assets.

Modules are also available to manage the specific demands of Tooling and monitor energy consumption.

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Maintenance Operations

Asset Register Asset Register - Lighthouse MES Maintenance

Improve Enterprise Asset Management. Manage manufacturing assets through their life cycle.

Maintenance Operations
Maintenance CMMS - Lighthouse MES Maintenance

Optimise maintenance activities: create maintenance procedures. Plan and manage maintenance work. Record work done, spare parts used.

Maintenance Operations
Repairs Repairs Management - Lighthouse MES Maintenance

Speed up response to breakdowns. Manage repair work. Enforce procedures.

Maintenance Operations
Tool Management Tool Management - Lighthouse MES Maintenance

Monitor tool life. Track tools used in the process. Develop detailed tool histories. Make better decisions regarding tool use and maintenance.

Maintenance Operations
Energy Management Energy Management - Lighthouse MES Maintenance

Record energy and resource consumption. Know where your energy goes. Reduce energy losses. 

Maintenance Operations