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Job Tracking

Job & Production Tracking Software - Lighthouse MES Production

Job and production tracking software for batch and discrete manufacturing


Real-time production tracking system to see the progress of orders as they are executed

Move to paperless operations and improve visibility of work orders progress with production tracking software in Lighthouse MES software.
The Job Tracking module of Lighthouse MES:
  • Records the start and end of each production run, electronically, in real-time
  • Tracks progress through the routing 
  • Confirms progress to the ERP (as many confirmation points as required can be set depending on requirements)

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What are the benefits of the Job Tracking module?

  1. Paperless operations – remove paper-based orders, save work, reduce cost and improve communication
  2. Real-time visibility - overcome ERP systems limitations in tracking work orders progress and provide production with a real-time view of work orders status.
  3. Traceability of all production orders allowing additional data to be recorded like quality checks, materials consumed, lots created etc.

Discrete Manufacturing

  • Maintain the routing manually or download it from the ERP
  • Enable production order tracking through each manufacturing operation
  • Record the start and end of production runs
  • Optionally scan bar-codes at each operation to speed up data capture

Batch Manufacturing

  • Enable production order tracking for each batch process
  • Record the start and end of production runs

Record Production Orders Data

  • Record sign offs at each stage of production
  • Capture planned quantity, actual quantity, start & end time and duration

Upload to ERP

  • Confirm completed operations to ERP

Production Execution Dashboards

  • Track the progress of production orders throughout the factory
  • Provide full history of each production order

In a manufacturing execution system, the production order is the fundamental record of production. All data captured during the production process – for example, the precise start and stop times of each job - is tied back to the order. The Job & Production Tracking module is the cornerstone of production traceability reporting that can be enhanced with other Lighthouse MES modules: