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Inventory Operations - Shopfloor-Online

Improve stock accuracy and traceability throughout the enterprise


How it works:

In-bound deliveries can be labelled and stored, movement orders can be prepared and delivered to production. At the point of consumption, materials can be validated, e.g. FIFO and aging. When connected to the Quality module of Shopfloor-Online, the MES can quarantine goods as well as release products for shipping. End-to-end traceability is automatic and can be maintained at both batch (lot) or serial level whilst the ERP is kept synchronised with stock levels. 


Inventory Operations

Inventory Management Inventory Management - Shopfloor-Online Inventory

Create, track and manage lots of materials/handling units, from raw materials, to semi-finished and finished goods to enable traceability.

Label Printing Label Printing - Shopfloor-Online Inventory

Automatically print bar-code labels on your own templates. Use labels to implement traceability.

Traceability - Consumption Traceability & Consumption - Shopfloor-Online Inventory

Track lot traceability as materials are consumed in the manufacturing process. Improve stock accuracy and meet traceability requirements.

Build Traceability Build Traceability - Shopfloor-Online Inventory

Ensure traceability of manufacturing operations at serialised parts level through to finished goods. Achieve compliance with inventory updates in real-time.

Warehouse - Logistics Warehouse & Logistics - Shopfloor-Online Inventory

Manage in-bound & out-bound deliveries. Capture traceability data at shipping. Manage internal material movement orders (replenishment) and deliveries. Track orders and materials in the warehouse. Link with the ERP.