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Build Traceability

Build Traceability

Implement traceability at a serialised part level


Do you have a compliance requirements with end-to-end traceability?

High-end manufacturers and safety-critical parts or products often need to extend traceability to serialised parts. This end-to-end traceability will help to achieve compliance and ensure the finished product has the correct part built-in -paramount for processes with high value parts, critical functionality or safety requirements.
Apply the Build Traceability module in Shopfloor-Online MES software to: 
  • Get complete traceability of manufacturing production
  • Record serial numbers of parts produced
  • Record the serial numbers of components used, or lot numbers of materials used
  • Track the exact time each part goes through each manufacturing operation


  • Record in the MES software the serial number of each part made at each point in production
  • Use scanners to read bar-code labels or use RFID tags
  • Optionally generate serial numbers according to rules
  • Record the time of each operation, on each machine for every part made
  • Each part/lot used is associated with each part made for two way traceability

Material/component usage

  • Capture the serial numbers (or lot numbers if batch controlled) of components/materials used/assembled/consumed
  • Capture lot/serial numbers automatically from PLCs if required
  • Validate FIFO and use-by-dates rules

Enforce assembly steps

  • Capture and validate the manufacturing process step
  • Capture and validate used materials/components/parts used against the Bill of Materials

Update inventory in the ERP in real-time

  • Link with the ERP system to inform the quantities of actual materials consumed rather than the more traditional back-flush methods.
  • Implement end-to-end traceability – from raw materials, components through to finished goods at a serialised part level
  • Eliminate errors – ensure the correct use of inventory,- validate materials used against the Bill of Material (BOM)
  • Improve stock accuracy – update the ERP system with actual stock used, when it is used, rather than back-flushing
  • Reduce waste – prioritise the use of materials that are soon to expire, implement proper FIFO


►GTECH case study
Gaming technology manufacturer achieves compliance with full assembly history of every machine in Shopfloor-Online MES.

Sustainable Energy

►Sunpower case study
Solar technology manufacturer gains full traceability and can track issues throughout the supply chain back to the raw material with the Build Traceability module.

To enable the Build Traceability functionality of Shopfloor-Online, the Inventory module is required in order for the system to know inventory before it is used. Get more value from the module by using it in conjunction with other applications of Shopfloor-Online MES:
  • Traceability – Consumption - to take traceability to the level of lot controlled materials
  • Quality – to perform Quality checks on serialised parts and keep the results as part of the traceability record.