Flow chart all manufacturing data in one place

MES / MOM Software

Shopfloor-Online MES - Simply Better Manufacturing Performance


Powerful, web-based modular MES software to optimise manufacturing operations.

Shopfloor-Online MES software provides a broad and flexible platform to support all your Manufacturing Operations Management: Production, Quality, Inventory-logistics and Maintenance. The manufacturing execution system connects with the ERP and plant equipment to provide you with real-time plant information.

Lighthouse Systems offers you MES software with rich, customisable reporting that gives you real-time visibility over all manufacturing operations, enabling you to improve throughput, quality, agility and compliance with ease.

Available in 15 languages and ISA 95 compliant, Shopfloor-Online is a truly powerful modular Manufacturing Execution System that will expand with your business requirements to maximise performance.


Improve throughput and quality

Enable your enterprise to be more compliant and agile

Gain plant visibility with all your manufacturing data in one place



Consolidate plant applications

Integrate seamlessly with the Enterprise Information System

Easily roll-out Shopfloor-Online with a web-based solution