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Lighthouse Systems announces the release of Shopfloor-Online MES v7


Make your manufacturing data work smarter with the latest release of Shopfloor-Online MES software

Lighthouse Systems, a global vendor of Manufacturing Execution Systems (MES), has announced the release of version 7.0 of Shopfloor-Online MES Software.

The new application delivers a completely new user experience with increased configurability plus enhanced analytics and reporting functionality. Built to run on any device, Shopfloor-Online MES 7.0 supports the mobility of workers in the manufacturing environment without limitations whilst delivering real-time manufacturing data to managers and executives, anywhere. 

Lighthouse Systems are leaders in Cloud MES software

Organisations have the choice to host the MES on premise, in the corporate data centre or in the Cloud. 

“This is not just another release of Shopfloor-Online MES. We have rebuilt the application from the ground up in HTML5 so that Shopfloor-Online 7.0 breaks away from its original dependency on browser technology. Whatever devices and platforms manufacturing organisations may choose for the delivery of their plant operations data, i.e. Safari/Apple; Chrome/Android; Edge/Microsoft, etc. Shopfloor-Online 7.0 makes it accessible,” says Garry Marshall, Technical Director of Lighthouse Systems. 

Improve the flow of manufacturing operations data with browser-independent technology

A great number of jobs on the factory floor are still carried out at PC stations that could be far more efficient using a mobile device at the location where the activity is taking place. This applies, for example, to maintenance engineers carrying out checks and procedures on machines, and quality engineers performing inspection and audits on the lines, or in the warehouse or WIP location for picking, deliveries, receipts and shipping.
For shift supervisors and production managers, Shopfloor-Online 7.0 provides easy access to real-time shift data anywhere on the shop floor, directly improving control level and responsiveness.
Management at all levels can make decisions based on key manufacturing data updated in real-time and 24/7, on their mobile or tablet and across a range of KPIs.

Shopfloor-Online provides the best route to Cloud MES

Lighthouse Systems have pioneered web-based MES software since Shopfloor-Online version 1.0.  As organisations gradually turn to cloud-based infrastructure, Shopfloor-Online MES 7.0 becomes an even more relevant choice.
“We support customers in their Cloud strategy. Shopfloor-Online can be moved from on-premise hosting, to the corporate data centre, to their Cloud provider of choice, seamlessly, and we also have customers who choose Cloud first,” comments Garry.
With Shopfloor-Online 7.0, Lighthouse Systems is continuing its commitment to delivering a world-class Enterprise MES Platform that enables manufacturing organisations of any size to embrace the Smart Manufacturing revolution. This is achieved through a flexible approach to the digitisation of plant operations, standardisation of processes, and data analytics.
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