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Bulten streamlines shop floor processes for greater visibility and improved documentation


"[...] Shopfloor-Online is an approved software system and used by many of our customers which is very positive." Göran Johansson, Environment and Quality Manager


Bulten’s previous paper-based quality control process did not suit its changing requirements: the need for instant visibility on its processes and capability to provide accurate documentation to its customers.

Shopfloor-OnlineTM MOM Software

Number of manufacturing plants: 3

Shopfloor-Online enables Bulten to create a precise and documented Quality Control plan across all processes: cold forging, threading, heat and treatment processes. Operators are able to gather data from process gauges across the plant, monitor processes against the control limits and produce useful and accurate reports on the production process.

Quality Control & SPC (Statistical Process Control)

  • Data collection: measurement data from gauges are automatically collected and stored in Shopfloor-Online
  • The system allows manual input of attributive checks
  • Operators are provided with a schedule for performing quality checks
  • The MES provides SPC Analysis charts and alerts operators to out of specification / out of control measurements


  • The software enables quick queries on accurate and reliable data
  • Operators are able to produce reports on the production process showing when quality checks were performed

Quality Control Documentation

  • The production of accurate and timely quality control documentation for customers is enabled by the job tracking module, which links a client order to the associated quality information
  • ERP and plant equipment and applications interfaces
  • Shopfloor-Online MES brings data in to one place: production statistics, information from individual machines, stock data, maintenance records, staff levels and workflow schedules

Key benefits

  • Process standardisation: software implementation required a useful revision of current manufacturing processes and now supports its enforcement
  • Process visibility and control: the ability to control the same feature on several items on the same chart means much better clarity and visibility of the processes as well as improved reporting

About Bulten

Bulten is one of few Full Service Providers of fasterner solutions to the international automotive industry.

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