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Ardagh Metal Packaging: 20 years of Measuring Quality the Lighthouse Way


"[...] Importantly, what could have become chaotic due to COVID-19 was well managed and delivered, confirming the value of the long-term relationship between our two companies and demonstrating why Lighthouse is a vendor of reference in the global can making industry"

Steve Minor, Corporate Quality Manager

Ardagh Metal Packaging (AMP) is a subsidiary of the global Ardagh Group, specialising in the manufacture of metal beverage cans for brand owners around the world who expect the highest quality production.

To ensure consistent high-quality manufacturing, AMP has been using the Lighthouse MES software, Shopfloor-Online™ across all nine North American plants (referred to as AMP-NA) since 2001. In 2020, Ardagh Metal Packaging upgraded to Shopfloor-Online™ version 7 which would deliver further benefits to the business.


Quality is all about precision and therefore, customers expect Ardagh Metal Packaging to meet their exact specifications and requirements to enhance the branding, However, in order to maintain consistent high-quality manufacturing and take advantage of future trends, AMP-NA knew that upgrading the MES system was essential.

Rolling out a major upgrade to your quality system amidst a global pandemic was thought to be a challenge. However, with Lighthouse systems - a long-standing partner - on Ardagh's side the upgrade went to plan, ensuring commitment to customer requirements were maintained throughout.

Solution: Shopfloor-Online™ MES

Shopfloor-Online™ MES / MOM software integrates with the company's SAP® Software and receives incoming data on aluminium coils to carry out the quality checks and tracking process.

Exact sized flat discs appropriate to the can format are punched out of the aluminium coil and a copper pushes down on the disc to create what appears like a shallow aluminium cup. Shopfloor-Online™ compares the dimensions of every cup to the target size, triggering an event-based quality check if errors are detected.

The waste aluminium is easily recycled, and the downtime duration is recorded in AMP-NA's operations management system. This enables Shopfloor-Online™ to calculate the percentage of missed quality checks due to the downtime, ensuring that once production restarts, the correct number of quality checks are performed.

The data made available through the Lighthouse MES solution enables AMP-NA to produce certificates of conformance that show the number and results of quality checks made for a specific customer order.

Key benefits?

Shopfloor-Online™ helps AMP-NA ensure consistent high-quality manufacturing to brand owners and delivered the following benefits:

  • Complete traceability, from coil to can
  • Customer satisfaction
  • Better access to data and better user experience with Shopfloor-Online™ version 7

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