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Accelerating Operational Excellence - eBook

Business and manufacturing professionals are looking for new ways for operations to support improvements to their company’s products, services, and bottom line. At the same time, it’s import-ant to optimize the leverage of their limited human resources and capital to ensure that their operations can consistently perform with good results. 
Whether coming from a large, global manufacturer or from a smaller, more regional organization, readers of this eBook will be able to quickly relate to manufacturing operational challenges that they see in their own businesses, and understand how to get on the fast track with an Operational Excellence journey that includes programs, processes, and technologies that truly help them address these challenges.
Driving Operational Excellence across industrial/manufacturing enterprises for global and regional competitiveness requires bold thinking, rapid reactions, decisions, and actions, along with fully informed and engaged teams. New software technologies and service providers are maturing and are ready to support end-to-end improvements across the Enterprise / Business Operations, Manufacturing Operations Management (MOM), and Industrial Automation levels of manufacturing businesses. The 2014 LNS Research MOM Survey examines how innovative new approaches to this complex landscape of Operational Excellence challenges are being addressed in order to provide unprecedented new gains in productivity, quality, responsiveness, risk mitigation, and economic value generation.
The eBook explores:
  • Industry drivers and challenges
  • Accelerating Success - People
  • Accelerating Success - Process
  • Accelerating Success - Technology

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