Improving plant performance

MES Software to Improve Manufacturing Performance

Shopfloor-Online Start your journey into world class operations...

World Class manufacturing companies are achieving significant and sustainable gains in performance, quality and compliance using Shopfloor-Online MES Software from Lighthouse Systems.

Developed by Lighthouse Systems, Shopfloor-Online is a comprehensive, web-based Manufacturing Execution System (MES) that provides a complete and real-time view of all aspects of Manufacturing Operations Management. It facilitates empowered decision making at all levels, leading to leaner, more consistent business process execution, which yields instant visibility to all aspects of performance, exceptions handling and concerns.

Shopfloor-Online MES software is modular: just a few modules can solve immediate problems, but together they build to a complete MES, with all the data in one database, everyone, and everywhere, has complete visibility of what is happening. This enables companies to take a cost effective, low risk, step-by-step approach to MES.

With offices in Europe, USA and Asia, Lighthouse Systems and its Partner network can configure Shopfloor-Online to meet your exact requirements. The result - a system that you can be confident will meet your current needs but also, as your requirements evolve and your aspirations increase, provide a platform to support all your manufacturing operations.

Survey: The Business Value of MES 02/07/2014 - Gartner in conjunction with MESA is preparing a new report to examine how to best extract greater value from MES investments. Take part and gain access to the full report.

Energy Monitoring for Manufacturing Operations 27/02/2014 - Lighthouse Systems adds Energy Monitoring functionalities to its Shopfloor-Online MES software suite.

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