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Why invest in MES?


The benefits of a manufacturing execution system that will transform operations and improve the bottom-line

Manufacturing Execution System (MES) software is designed to address the relentless drive for cost reduction and efficiency gains in today's manufacturing environment.

As the drive to do more with less continues to grow, manufacturing executives realise that their focus needs to be on improving plant performance. Common solutions in recent years have included:

  • Investing in new plant and equipment to increase capacity
  • Implementing ERP software, which has proven essential in integrating the supply chain

However, these solutions do not address the core issue of disconnected plant operations and the rest of the enterprise. As a result plant operations still remain largely opaque.

Shopfloor-Online MES software seamlessly connects the top floor and the shop floor, creating an unbroken thread of critical data across all manufacturing operations. Modernise your IT: accurate information and increased communication will lead to the following benefits and transform your business.

Increase visibility across the manufacturing network

MES software removes the nightmare of fragmented, inconsistent and inaccessible manufacturing operations data - often distributed across paper, spreadsheets, various computer applications, databases, measuring systems and SCADA systems. 

Bring all activities within the scope of a single MES system and capture data automatically:

  • Get critical analysis in real-time, displayed in a highly visual graphic format that mimics the process
  • Empower operators with the tools to react faster when issues arise
  • Easily benchmark machines, production lines, production runs, plants etc.

Reduce operational costs across the plant

  • Save on direct labour costs because the MES monitors the machines and the progress of jobs and alerts operatives when needed; operator time is released for other tasks
  • Reduce indirect labour costs as operations data is automatically collected from the machines and equipment, improving accuracy and saving hours of operator time
  • Save on material costs with real-time process control that can optimise the quantity of material used to meet specifications; meanwhile real-time production counting can prevent over-making
  • Reduce energy spent and costs by monitoring the energy usage by all plant equipment; quickly identify faults and optimise equipment utilisation based on energy consumption

Drive efficiencies across plants

  • Improve throughput and asset utilisation by showing accurate downtime - when, where and for how long - helping you maximise production line throughput and asset utilisation
  • Improve change-overs with alerts for key personnel when a job is nearly completed, allowing change-overs to be organised more efficiently
  • Reduce cycle-time; the MES software tracks all 3 components of OEE (overall equipment effectiveness), downtime, performance and quality, enabling operations personnel to focus on cycle-time improvement activities based on accurate information

See how Shopfloor-Online MES has helped an electronic assembly manufacturer to improve productivity levels.

Improve agility and flexibility

Your organisation maybe under a lot of pressure: made-to-order manufacturing, highly integrated supply chains and fastest time-to-market meaning it needs to be more agile than ever before.

How does a Manufacturing Execution System enable the enterprise to be more agile? With the real-time visibility which it provides across all operations: production, quality, inventory and maintenance, it supports:

  • Fastest New Product Introduction (NPI)
  • Fastest informed reaction to unexpected events, such as sudden changes in demand
  • Smoother integration of new processes, factories and personnel
  • Better workforce engagement – Shopfloor-Online supports the autonomy of operatives on the lines, positively impacting motivation and decision making

See how Lighthouse Systems’ MES has helped Nissan launch a new vehicle in half the time.

Standardise operations and enforce best practice

Standardisation is the foundation of benchmarking and improvement in the manufacturing industry.

An MES solution should allow multi-site roll-out easily whilst allowing a degree of plant specificity.

Lighthouse Systems’ MES is built on a factory model which provides a solid foundation for all your operations and process standardisation; hundreds of standard reports are available as part of its many features:

  • Dashboards show in real-time the performance of shifts, production lines and plants
  • Benchmarking – Global reporting can compare a choice of KPIs across multiple plants

Improve regulatory compliance

Quality Assurance and Control is often dealt with by specific applications such as Enterprise Quality Management System (EQMS).

Lighthouse Systems’ MES however, offers an integrated EQMS including:

Modernise IT and reduce TCO with Shopfloor-Online MES software

If your organisation’s manufacturing sites are running multiple legacy applications, then consolidating them within a single well supported platform will bring many benefits:

  • A simpler infrastructure that will give you better control over manufacturing IT
  • Accuracy and real-time visibility of manufacturing data 
  • Direct costs reduction as IT resources are no longer needed to maintain home-grown applications
  • Material costs reduction such as elimination of paper on the shop floor and of physical storage space
  • Business continuity with an evolving MES application, built on standard technologies and well supported


Empower your workforce, improve decision-making and continuous improvement plans

Comprising of 26 modules, Shopfloor-Online offers the broadest range of functionality across all manufacturing operations and can be extended as your requirements increase.

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Shopfloor-Online enables Smart Manufacturing, bringing all manufacturing operations into one system - accessible in real-time across the enterprise.

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