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Webinar: Digital Transformation in Manufacturing.

12th March 2019, Online


Digital Transformation in Manufacturing: Getting the basics right with MES/MOM

Digital Transformation is a foundational change in how an organisation delivers value to its customers. 

87% of senior business leaders say digitization is a company priority, 67% think that their competitiveness is seriously at risk if they don't digitize more by the end of 2020, but ONLY 35% are clear on which investment and initiatives are needed.*

What is Digital Transformation and what does it mean for your Manufacturing Operations? 

The challenges facing the manufacturing organisation on the path to digital transformation are various and complex. 

The renewal or acquisition of Automation and robotics may be seen as the place to start, but is it?  In order to create a connected factory and be in a position to leverage Industry 4.0 technologies, manufacturing organisations should be concerned with the convergence of Information Technology (IT) and Operational Technolgy (OT) first. 


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Join the Lighthouse webinar to find out:

  1. What is the digital transformation in manufacturing?
  2. How can you create the convergence between IT and OT? 
  3. What role does MES/MOM play in your Digital Transformation journey that ERP does not?
  4. How do organisations benefit?
  5. Where to start?

We will be looking at 3 typical examples of MES/MOM applications in the batch, process and discrete industries and their benefits. 

Who is it for?

CEO, CIO, COO, CTO, Heads of Operations, Manufacturing IT, Heads of Digital Transformation, Plant Managers and Continuous Improvement Teams.