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Rationalise plant IT

Consolidate plant applications and reduce costs with Shopfloor-Online MES


Why consolidate plant applications

From an IT governance perspective, the number one benefit of consolidating plant applications with MES software is cost saving.

In many manufacturing organisations, plant applications are fragmented, often home-grown (access database for example), or 3rd party applications, paper records, and spreadsheets, these being probably the most commonly used of all. Fragmented systems are creating a lot of duplicate data entry and paper records require storage space.

Using Shopfloor-Online MES web-based solutions, you can reduce the direct as well as indirect costs of Manufacturing IT, at a pace that suits the organisation.

  • Simplify the infrastructure - replace multiple applications by a modular solution that integrates with the ERP and the plant equipment and reduce the total cost of ownership.
  • One software platform only – Shopfloor-Online provides one place for the organisation’s manufacturing master data, enabling it to choose the pace at which it wants to replace legacy applications.
  • Web-based architecture – Shopfloor-Online uses standard IT infrastructure, no need to install anything on clients.
  • System standardisation- Shopfloor-Online MES offers companies the ability to introduce a standardised system, component by component, in a phased and manageable roll-out.
  • Flexible and User Friendly – interfaces are configurable to suit user requirements & the system is available in 15 language

More on multi-site roll-outs

  • Industry 4.0 and the connected enterprise – Shopfloor-Online enables the connected enterprise – the system can receive and send data from/to within the organisation and from/to outside and you choose where the application is hosted.
  • Big data – manufacturing activities generate a very large amount of data, accessing all the data in one place allows the organisation to leverage knowledge & improve its processes and its organisation, which in turn will reduce costs!
  • Business continuity
    • The MES gives the ability to control processes better and minimise production downtime. 
    • The MES is an evolving application, built on standard technologies, used by hundreds of organisations, maintained.