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Improve the bottom line

Why in Manufacturing Execution Systems


Why implement Shopfloor-Online MES

The data in manufacturing operations is often fragmented, inconsistent and inaccessible. This is because it is distributed across paper, spreadsheets, various computer applications, databases, measuring systems, and SCADA systems.

Fully deployed throughout your plan, Shopfloor-Online MES will instead provide visibility of the entire production process, collecting and presenting data that's immediate and accurate - and available to every member of the team.

Further than this, Shopfloor-Online will also enable exception-based management.

  • All activities can be brought within the scope of the system and data captured automatically, eliminating the need for entering the data after the event.
  • The software does the critical analyses in real time and displays the information in a highly visual graphic format that mimics the process.
  • When issues arise, operators who are empowered by the tool, can take remediating decisions quickly.

The software supports compliance in multiple ways.

  • Data accuracy -  most errors link with manual or redundant data entry can be removed
  • Speed of data retrieval – no more spending days pulling together reports
  • 21CFR11 compliance – the software is compliant with the FDA requirements
  • The software is modular so you don't have to commit to the full suite at the outset. You can start with a modest project, piloted in a key area (e.g. OEE on key plant) and build from there when that delivers results.
  • The first cost benefit reported by all organisations using Shopfloor-Online is the number of man-hours saved on activities link to data collection and data entry.
  • The second benefit most reported is that Shopfloor-Online brings visibility on areas where gains can be made quickly.