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Les solutions MES de Lighthouse Systems, utilisées par des industriels, ETI et Grands Groupes, dans plus de 50 pays.

Ci-dessous quelques-un des clients qui nous font confiance dans l'industrie automobile (Bulten, Le Bélier, Nissan), l'industrie agroalimentaire (Peters, pladis (BN, Godiva)), l'industrie de l'emballage - PGC (Allied Glass, Crown, Linpac, Ball), l'énergie verte (CeresPower), les appareils médicaux (iHolland, Plastibell), l'industrie Textile (John Cotton)..

Des études de cas sont disponibles pour certains, cliquez sur les logos pour y accéder.

John Cotton

Europe's leading manufacturer of pillows, duvets and mattress protectors.


Peters is Australia's favourite ice cream brand and a true Australian icon.


The leader in metal packaging technology with operations in over 40 countries employing 23,000 people. Crown is present in aerosol cans, beverage packaging, closure and capping, food cans and speciality packagings.

I Holland

Market leading provider of innovative tablet tooling to the pharmaceutical industry. I Holland also applies its Tabletting Science to the manufacture of punches and dies for the production of detergent, cosmetic, veterinary and confectionery products.

Ceres Power

Ceres is a world leading developer of next generation fuel cell technology.


Bulten is one of few Full Service Provider of fasterners solutions to the international automotive industry.


Lighthouse Systems works with the health division of Plastibell (Plastibell Pharm).


GTECH is one of the largest lottery and gaming companies in the world with €3 billion in revenue and 8,600 employees. 


LINPAC Packaging

LINPAC, and its sister company Infia srl, lead the global packaging industry in the development and production of innovative packaging solutions.

Allied Glass

Creator of ground-breaking glass packaging for many world-leading brands of food and drink. 

United Biscuits

The leading manufacturer and marketer of biscuits in the UK and second largest in the Netherlands, France, Belgium and Ireland, UB brands are sold in over 130 countries.

Le Belier

Le Bélier is a global group specialised in the manufacture of moulded aluminium safety components for cars.


Rexam is a leading global beverage can maker, who produces over 50 billion cans / year.