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Nissan automotive factory Sunderland

Nissan Sunderland Improves Powertrain QA with Lighthouse MES Software


“Lighthouse Shopfloor-Online was the ideal fit for us.  It promised to deliver a factory information system approach that would enable us to understand and monitor the performance of our plant operations.  It is delivering on that promise!”


The Powertrain division of Nissan in Sunderland focuses on critical component manufacture with processes including casting to produce cylinder heads and cams, machining and manufacture of axle components and assembly. These processes produce a huge volume of shop floor data that operators, engineers and managers must assess to extract real information to make decisions and produce reports.

The factory implemented Lighthouse Systems standalone SPC software in the late 1990’s, which improved manageability on the shop floor and provided better access to SPC data and charts across the division. In 2005, the division identified the need to go further and bring all quality data sources together in one factory information system to monitor the performance of plant operations.

Shopfloor-OnlineTM MOM Software

Nissan Powertrain decided to upgrade their standalone SPC software to Shopfloor-Online, Lighthouse Systems MES software offering powerful features in a cost effective web-based solution.

Shopfloor-Online MES receives data from various sources, including CMMs (Coordinate Measurement Machines) from numerous vendors (including Mitutoyo and Zeiss). Nissan has made very careful and selective use of SPC control limits to allow the software to monitor thousands of features and raise alarms before problems occur.

Quality variables have been classified in four categories. When an issue arises, operators can identify the source quicker by drilling down into the relevant data. To speed up the response, this information is also emailed to appropriate personnel.

Their satisfaction with the solution spread the word to other departments of the plant and Shopfloor-Online MES software was soon used for a new vehicle trial with great success.

Key Benefits

  • Reduced labour hours collating and extracting the process data
  • Improved operational efficiencies
  • Enhanced quality control
  • Better management of the production facilities as a whole


Nissan Motor Manufacturing (UK) Ltd, or NMUK, is a car manufacturing plant in Sunderland, Tyne and Wear, England, built upon the former RAF Usworth. It is owned and operated by the European division of Japanese car manufacturer Nissan and has been active since 1986.

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