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Nissan introduces new model into production faster with Shopfloor-Online MES software


"The information is 100% transparent during the trials and this makes for very open conversations amongst the management teams."
Dave Warne, Engineer at Nissan


To reduce the new product launch time scale by 50% whilst ensuring Quality requirements are met.

Nissan wanted to reduce the launch time scale for the new Qashqai model by as much as 50 percent whilst ensuring the highest level of Quality. To achieve this, it needed to improve collection and analysis of all the measurement data created during pre-production trials.

A limited numbers of vehicles are built and tested during a series of pre-production trials. Measurements are taken at every stage of the process with Co-ordinate Measuring Machines (CMMs) as well as laser gauges and manual checks. An enormous amount of data is collected, including over 4,500 variables for each vehicle, to help identify potential problem areas and their causes.   

Shopfloor-OnlineTM MOM Software

The Quality and SPC modules within Shopfloor-Online MES have replaced an array of over 63 different spreadsheets previously used to capture quality data at every stage of a pre-production trial.

One central place for all quality data now ensures 100% data transparency and timely reports can be produced at the click of a button. Management meetings are more productive thanks to clear and accurate data.

Key benefits

  • The new Qashqai model was introduced in a record 6 months
  • The efficiencies provided by Shopfloor-Online enable the UK production site to be as competitive as sites located in countries with a lower labour cost

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