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Multi-site deployment of a Manufacturing Execution System


"We are rolling out Shopfloor-Online as our standard quality system across 39 factories in Europe and Africa. It's already delivering results and given us some very significant opportunities for standardisation. Now we're planning to build on this by adding the Waste module."

Steve French, European Quality Director, Crown Food Europe

Introduce effective standardisation worldwide with Shopfloor-Online MES software

Most major manufacturing companies operating from multiple sites, countries and continents have standardised manufacturing operations on an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system, or are in the process of doing so. However,  centralised ERP is ideal to enforce accounting and administrative processes but is not so able to manage diverse manufacturing operations. Let us see how Shopfloor-Online MES software fills this gap.

Limitations of enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems

Centralised ERP systems have enabled commonality in terms of accounting and administrative processes, but not manufacturing operations. The sheer scope and diversity at this level made it unattainable - too difficult even to contemplate - with the costs outweighing the likely returns.

One of the key problems is that the closer you get to the sharp end of production, the more variation is likely in equipment, customers, products and working practices, even for those companies whose operations are superficially identical.

Factories in the same group are often built or acquired at different times, virtually guaranteeing that these differences will exist. The problems of diversity are magnified in corporations with different business units (BU).

Operations level standardisation with manufacturing execution software

Companies are increasingly aware that introducing standard systems at operations level will bring huge benefits. This gives rise to the need for standard systems that are flexible enough to cope with numerous demands and capable of being deployed on a multi-national basis.

Shopfloor-Online MES / MOM Software has already been rolled out in over 50 countries and in 15 languages.

Lighthouse Systems is working successfully in partnership with global companies in a range of discrete and batch manufacturing industries such as aerospace, automotive, electronic assembly, food and beverages and packaging to implement and improve standardised manufacturing operations.

Until recently, manufacturers key requirements such as quality, inventory tracking and maintenance were addressed in isolation, making it viable to install standard systems across a number of plants.

At plant level, users were forced to use a variety of systems and learn multiple interfaces to get the data needed. IT had to build and maintain interfaces between these systems.

A unified solution that's powerful, robust and cost-effective

Shopfloor-Online MES offers companies the ability to introduce a standardised system, component by component, in a phased and manageable roll-out. It contains all the data that anyone in the organisation needs and being web based it's easily accessible to all.

Each component such as quality, customer complaints, plant performance, OEE, waste and maintenance stands up as best-in-class in its own right, so there's no compromise in opting for the modular solution.

You have the ability to set up an organisation-wide quality system in the first year, activate the OEE system the following year, and so on, until you end up with a fully-integrated MES system - effectively funded by the savings generated by the introduction of each module in turn.

For users, there are fewer systems to learn and one place to access all the information they need. For IT there's less to support, less to maintain, and it's future-proof. Best of all, the applications can share the same IT infrastructure, yielding big savings in deployment and Cost of Ownership.