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Lighthouse MES Training

Getting your people up to full speed from day one


Choose from a range of options to ensure optimum take up

We provide the training that is key to the success of your manufacturing execution system (MES) project. To ensure your team is ready to go with no costly delays, we will develop a program exactly tailored to your MES software platform  and operational environment, and will implement this in parallel with the system itself. 


Level I   

Objective: Enable you to configure Lighthouse MES and maintain it going forward.


  • New product introduction (NPI) 
  • New shop-floor equipment
  • New production lines

Level II

Objective: Enable you to develop more technical aspects of configuration – possible because Lighthouse MES is a completely open system.


  • Screen design
  • Interfaces
  • Custom reports


Lighthouse MES is easy for factory operatives to use, so training typically lasts just a few hours. 

Objective: Ensure operatives feel comfortable using the system on the shop floor from day one.


  • System go-live (factory)
  • Upgrades and new functionalities
  • Multinational roll-out
If you prefer to deliver the training yourself, we can help develop the materials you will need to do so.

Objective: Give your system administrators the tools to manage user access (which can be linked to Active Directory) and system maintenance.


  • Add and remove users
  • Manage user permissions
  • Manage interfaces
  • Set up email alerts