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MES System Delivers Shop Floor Efficiency to Chassis Manufacturer


"Having real-time data available to them means that engineers can react to potential problems before they have an impact on quality [...]"

Quality Engineering Leader

Shopfloor-Online facilitates an increased number of quality inspections and real-time visibility of quality data across the factory

Quality is a major focus for manufacturers in the Automotive industry. Production of high value complex parts such as chassis structures is a precision process involving the use of over 200 parts and in excess of 700 welds.


Chassis Systems Ltd (now part of GKN Land Systems) historically recorded much of its quality data manually but needed to make more efficient use of engineers’ time. The company chose Shopfloor-Online MES software to automate factory data collection and offer further potential benefits in the future such as OEE and Downtime analysis.

Shopfloor-OnlineTM MOM Software

 Lighthouse Systems implemented the MES system in a phased approach.

Phase 1: CMM data collection

The MES collects shop floor data directly from the CMM, providing automated alerts when the reading moves towards out-of-specification levels.

Phase 2: Roving Inspection

The team of patrol inspectors are equipped with rugged mobile tablets to record the results of  visual inspection checks, operated over WIFI with the MES in real-time. When it comes to weld inspections, the MES provides CAD images of every weld available, to ensure findings are accurately reported. 

Phase 3: End of Line Quarantine

A final visual inspection is carried out before the company ships a chassis to a customer. Any fault found is input to the MES and the defect chassis put into containment. If it can be repaired, the detail of the repair is captured and the chassis released.

Key Benefits

  • Sampling throughput increased by approximately 50%
  • Visual inspections are easier, more efficient, and the data is available in real-time rather than at the end of the shift
  • Customer audit trails are accurate, including faults frequency and corrective actions


Chassis Systems Ltd is now part of GKN Land Systems, and sits in the division that specialises in the design, manufacture and supply of chassis systems and off-highway equipment for agriculture and construction, defence, rail and mass transit.