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Support and maintenance services

Lighthouse MES Support & Maintenance

Keeping your MES working to its optimum

You will soon find Lighthouse MES / MOM Software is critical to your business’s success. Rely on us for support and maintenance tailored to your requirements.

Standard support & maintenance

Our offices in Europe, Singapore and the USA will support and maintain your manufacturing operations management software during office hours.

Extended 24/7 support

Round-the-clock hotline support for your mission-critical applications

Speak to one of our consultants


At your service

Our support desk is composed of friendly Lighthouse MES experts managed by a senior support manager. 

Connected and responsive

Contact our support desk by phone or email. All support requests are logged, classified and tracked, with priority going to business-critical issues.

Virtual private network access

For fastest response times, we offer VPN connectivity (subject to your IT department approving access).

Lighthouse MES software updates

Choose our annual maintenance and support contract for access to all Lighthouse MES software updates. These include:
  • Newer versions of the MES software, taking into account operating systems (OS), databases, and internet browsers updates
  • Bug fixes
  • New software releases offering new functionalities

Software upgrades

We will help you work out the value of an upgrade, whether it’s the right time to adopt, and the best strategy for implementation. Our project-services team can assist you with all your upgrade and testing needs.