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Workflow - Lighthouse MES Production

Configure manufacturing processes and enforce standard operating procedures (SOP)


Need to ensure the manufacturing process is strictly followed?

Typically in batch processes, work instructions detail how the process should be executed. For example: add ingredients, mix for a duration, bring up to temperature, take samples for testing, and so on. You need to know the process was followed and you need evidence to support it. 

What does Lighthouse MES Workflow Module do?

Use the Workflow module of Lighthouse MES to:

  • Design a workflow to define the manufacturing process in the MES software
  • Make operators follow the process steps
  • Capture everything that happens during the execution of the process, e.g. process temperatures being achieved, material lots being recorded and so on
  • Create an electronic batch record (EBR)

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What are the benefits of the Workflow module?

  1. Control the process: ensure the business process is followed correctly
  2. Avoid customisations: create complex custom logic for the process without resorting to making coding changes in MES
  3. Capture the Manufacturing record: automatically capture the record of manufacturing as each action is performed in the Workflow
  4. Improve effectiveness: efficient Product Release process
  5. Manage by exception: easily report exceptions that occurred in the process

Create your workflow

  • Define the master batch recipe: design a flow chart representing a manufacturing process
  • Include decisions to branch the logic in the flow charts 
  • Work at three hierarchical levels: Operations, Phases and Actions
  • Use hundreds of standard Lighthouse MES transactions (called APIs) for example: consume material, capture comments, capture values from OPC (like process parameters) to perform Actions

Manage change

  • Manage workflows through a strict check-in / release process
  • Approve changes with electronic signatures


  • Provide on-screen instructions to the operator
  • Capture the operator confirmation of each step with signatures
  • Interface to equipment e.g. scales to weigh materials
  • Capture lot numbers for traceability
  • Interact with the plant equipment
  • Handle exceptions by creating branches in the flow charts
  • Choose to drive the workflow with process parameters 

Create the Electronic Batch Records (EBR)

  • The EBR report brings back everything that happened on the production run, for example: material lots consumed, quality checks, exceptions, process data, signatures.
  • Speed up production release by reviewing the electronic batch record

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