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Traceability - Consumption

Traceability & Consumption - Lighthouse MES Inventory

Implement material lot traceability in your manufacturing operations


Ensure end-to-end lot traceability from raw materials to finished goods

To implement material traceability in your manufacturing operations you must know which inventory lots were used when each product was made. Lighthouse MES solution allows you to seamlessly track output against consumption, prioritise use of materials and eliminate errors.

What does Lighthouse MES’s Traceability & Consumption Module do?

Use the Lighthouse MES Traceability – Consumption module, in conjunction with the Inventory Management module, to:
  • Capture the consumption of raw material lots and semi-finished goods in production processes
  • Associate lots consumed with lots created for traceability
  • Improve accuracy of raw material and WIP stock in the ERP system
  • Validate inventory consumed, for example testing against the Bill Of Materials (BOM), testing FIFO rules and use-by dates

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What are the benefits of the Traceability & Consumption module?

  1. Implement end-to-end lot traceability: the MES software records raw materials through each stage of production, WIP and finished goods. Be able to query in either direction, from materials that went into products or products made from supplier batches
  2. Eliminate errors: ensure the correct use of inventory, validate materials used against the Bill of Material (BOM)
  3. Reduce waste: prioritise the use of materials soon to expire, implement proper FIFO
  4. Improve stock accuracy: update the ERP system with actual stock used and when it is used, rather than back-flushing

Material loading/usage

  • The MES system records the lot number of materials as they are consumed
  • Use scanners to read bar-code labels or use RFID tags
  • Validate the correct material is being used against the BOM
  • Validate FIFO and use-by-dates rules
  • Capture lot numbers automatically from PLCs if required

Stock Control

  • Record the quantity consumed from each lot
  • Allow unused materials in lots to be returned to stock
  • Accurately capture scrap
  • Update ERP system with actual quantities used consumed rather than back-flush


  • Use quality state (e.g. available, released, isolated, scrapped) to manage the quality of lots of material


  • Lighthouse MES associates each lot used with each lot made for two-way traceability
  • Traceability reporting shows when each lot was loaded and where it was loaded, who loaded it, the duration it was used, if it was all used or part used and some returned plus the Production Orders that used it

Food & Beverages

►United Biscuits (now Pladis) case study
Biscuit manufacturer improves efficiency, quality and lot traceability - from raw materials to finished goods.

The Traceability - Consumption functionality of Lighthouse MES requires the Inventory management module for the MES system to know inventory before it is used.

Get more value from the system by using it in conjunction with other modules:

  • Build Traceability - to take traceability to the level of individual serialised parts
  • Quality – to perform Quality checks on incoming materials, or lots created and attach quality results as part of the traceability record