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Repairs Management - Lighthouse MES Maintenance

Improve response times to equipment breakdowns


Need to record breakdowns, manage workload and track maintenance response time?

Breakdowns need to be addressed quickly, issues need to be prioritised and even the least urgent problems shouldn’t be forgotten. Use the Repairs management module of Lighthouse MES software to:
  • Allow Operatives to electronically record problems at the workplace
  • Automatically raise work requests (work orders)
  • Prioritise work requests, escalate if necessary
  • Record the work done and track response times

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What are the benefits of the Repairs Management module?

  1. Improve response time – speed up the communication between production and maintenance
  2. Manage workloads and priorities – improve the day to day management of workloads, authorise for release, prioritise, assign to individuals or teams
  3. Improve visibility – so everyone can see what is happening e.g. status of repair request
  4. Accountability – track response times and repair times
  5. Improve effectiveness – ensure non-critical jobs are never missed - they are prompted when other related work is planned.
  6. Build up a history – know what has been done (and not done), to help make decisions about what to do next e.g. spare parts
  7. Go paperless – facilitate mobility of maintenance teams around the plant with a mobile maintenance application. Get access to drawings quickly on-line

Flag a breakdown or problem

  • Allow line operatives to record problems immediately at the work centre


  • Visually flag machines and other plant equipment in need of repair
  • Everyone can see the status

Managing repair work

  • Automatically create works orders
  • View all repair requests, assign priorities
  • Assign to engineers or teams and release
  • For less urgent matters, move some requests to be carried out the next time work is being done on that asset
  • Provide work instructions

Record the results

  • Record the results of each step as you go
  • Provide access to drawings and documents to improve effectiveness
  • Record man-hours works
  • Record spare parts used
  • Build up a detailed history of results against each asset

More Uptime

  • Track time to respond and time to repair
The Repairs Management software module builds upon the Asset Register one. Get more value from the module by using it in conjunction with other applications of Lighthouse MES:
  • Maintenance Management- to align with all planned maintenance activities
  • Downtime Analysis - when downtime events are classed as breakdowns, it automatically triggers repair requests
  • Links to Documents - to link in all documentation related to each asset for easy access. Alternatively take photographs at various stages of maintenance activities to aid future work
  • Inventory Management -  to manage all the spare part inventory