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Production Counting

Production Counting - Lighthouse MES Production

Know where you are with a software application that counts production in real-time


Accurately count production in real-time and improve effectiveness with Lighthouse MES

Counting production can be difficult in high-speed processes. Knowing exactly how far to go to complete the order and avoid over-making is another problem. Use the Production Counting module of the MES software to:
  • Record production in real-time, by connecting via OPC, to the production equipment
  • Alternatively record production manually at the end of every production run or shift
  • Work out the production speed  and calculate accurate cycle times
  • Track the progress of each order as it is being made and how much is left to make
  • Collect counts in different units of measure e.g. cycles, pieces, Kg, meters and pick up multiple counts from multiple points (machines) in the process.

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What are the benefits of the Production Counting module?

  1. Avoid over-making – accurately count production as the order approaches completion
  2. Improve effectiveness – optimise Operators’ time by collecting data automatically and reduce errors
  3. Visibility –   track progress against the order during production
  4. React faster – make the factory more agile and responsive when problems occur
  5. Continuous Improvement – know actual cycle times and measure production efficiency throughout the plant. Find the best ever cycle time (golden runs).

Record quantities produced

  • Manually record quantities – at the end of each production run or shift or as it occurs 
  • Automatically record quantities – by connecting directly to the machines to pick up counters like cycles, pieces etc. 
  • Where you can’t take data from existing equipment, it is possible to install inexpensive PLCs to capture production counts
  • Dual-mode - combine manual and automated data collection for more flexibility
  • Invest in automatic data collection where the payback is likely, but with the benefit of a plant-wide unified recording system

Add-On data capture PLCs

  • Where you can’t take data from existing equipment, we can install inexpensive ancillary PLCs to capture production counts


  • Actual cycle time vs. Target cycle time (best demonstrated cycle time)
  • Production speeds
  • KPIs such as Production Efficiency and Actual Cycle Time

Enhance Production Counting software module by combining it with others from the MES software suite:

  • Downtime, Waste, and OEE system - to generate real-time OEE reports and other KPIs.
  • Waste
  • Scheduling - to anticipate when the production run will end and the impact on the schedule
  • Asset Register – to develop life time piece or cycle counts for each machine
  • Maintenance – to use piece or cycle counts to trigger planned maintenance
  • Energy – to calculate energy per piece