OEE software to accurately measure production efficiency


Powerful OEE tracking in real-time to improve manufacturing performance

Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE) is the best measure of manufacturing performance to help increase production volumes and support lean initiatives.

The OEE software available in Shopfloor-OnlineTM automates the collection and tracking of Downtime, Production Count and Waste to calculate OEE in real-time at production process level.

The OEE module generates dashboards of accurate manufacturing performance metrics (KPIs) that are easily made available to users throughout the factory and on any device, via the web-based MES system.

Apply the OEE software module to:
  • Get OEE in real-time (automatically calculate and report OEE for all production processes)
  • Increase production capacity without investing in new production lines
  • Increase efficiency in order to reduce costs such as overtime, number of shifts and number of lines
  • Benchmark plants in multi-site manufacturing groups

Automatic OEE and related KPI Calculations

  • Machine availability%
  • Productivity%
  • Quality Ratio%
  • TEEP% (Total Effective Equipment Performance)
  • Actual Cycle Time
  • Actual Speed
  • Productivity

Dashboards & Reporting

  • OEE calculated at a production process level – aggregated by department or facility
  • Track trends over time – to make sustainable improvements
  • OEE Dashboards – display real-time visibility of performance to your production team
  • Improve the bottom line –  with OEE, even small gains can have a dramatic impact on capacity and manufacturing performance
  • Real-time visibility – let everyone see how lines are performing through dashboards and reports
  • Improve effectiveness – facilitate accurate OEE analysis without manipulating data in tools such as spreadsheets
  • Benchmarking – establish base-line and targets as a means to manage lines on an on-going basis
  • Accountability - develop greater accountability throughout the plant and motivate your teams
  • Continuous improvement – identify golden runs and set the next benchmark

See how manufacturers are using the OEE module of Shopfloor-Online MES software and to what benefit:


►Le Bélier case study
Leading parts manufacturer can analyse inefficiencies quickly to drive plant performance thanks to real-time visibility, automated data collection and reports.


►GTECH case study
Technology provider guarantees compliance and improves overall efficiency with complete visibility of OEE and plant activity.

Food & Beverages

►United Biscuits (now Pladis) case study
Biscuit manufacturer gains fast and reliable insight into quality, performance and OEE KPIs.

Sustainable Energy

►Ceres Power case study
Fuel cell manufacturer scales up production through automation of processes and accurate data.

Packaging / FMCG

►Linpac case study
Food packaging supplier improves OEE and profitability with an accurate view of downtime and waste.

The OEE software requires the following Shopfloor-Online modules to be in place:

  • Job Tracking – to know about each production run and target cycle times
  • Downtime - to record downtime and calculate availability
  • Production Counting - to determine whether lines are producing at the target speed
  • Waste - to calculate waste-related losses
  • Labour – to know the labour used, calculate KPIs such as productivity