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Manufacturing Waste - Lighthouse MES Production

Increase efficiency by reducing your waste, scrap and rework


Analyse shop floor and production data in real-time to help reduce losses in waste & scrap

Scrap and rework increase costs and reduce production capacity, labour and energy resources. ERP systems can typically report scrap at a high level of input-output, however to reduce waste and rework you need to know how processes can be improved on the shop floor.
Use the Waste software module of Lighthouse MES / MOM Software to:
  • Track of end-of-line and in-line manufacturing waste
  • Record scrap / waste / spoilage at each point in the production process
  • Analyse waste across production processes, production runs, products and shifts 
  • Improve First Pass Yield

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What are the benefits of the Waste module?

  1. Reduce scrap and rework- avoid losses in material, production capacity and resources such as energy and manpower. Analyse the losses and focus improvement work
  2. Improve effectiveness – reduce Operators’ time to record shop floor data
  3. React faster –  address issues quicker through alerts and visualisation 
  4. Continuous improvement – support Lean management and improve First Pass Yield

Record scrap and waste

  • Manual recording: enter scrap quantities and reasons where it occurs in the process
  • Set up a list of user defined reasons for scrap and waste, tailored to each process
  • Automatic real-time data capture: rejects count at specific points (e.g. camera rejects) by direct connection to machine PLCs
  • Dual mode: combine manual and automatic data collection for increased flexibility.
  • Invest in automatic data capture where payback is likely, with the benefit of a plant-wide unified recording system

Add-On data capture PLCs

  • Where data cannot be taken from existing equipment, we can install inexpensive ancillary PLCs to capture scrap and rejects

Record rework

  • The Waste software module can count rework simultaneously
  • Set up a list of user defined reasons for rework, tailored to each process


  • Analysis of waste by process, machine, line, department, shift, crew, reason and product
  • Pareto analysis, top 10 losses
  • Analysis of trends by shift, day, week or month
  • KPIs such as Quality Rate (also called First Pass Yield) and First Time Through Quality (FTTQ)
  • Dashboard presentation of spoilage, scrap and waste 
  • Raise alarms to trigger emails/SMS

Enhance the Waste module by combining it with additional Production Operations and Quality modules available in Lighthouse MES software: