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Links to Documents

Links to Documents - Shopfloor-Online Quality

Remove paper on the shopfloor – provide quick and easy access to electronic documents


Need to get the right documents quickly to the shop floor?

Documents are often required on the shop floor: some might accompany the order; others may be relevant to the process or work area. Use the MES software module to:
  • Remove paper documents 
  • Only provide the latest version of the documents to be sure your workforce is always working of the correct revision 
  • Show documents in a context sensitive way. For example: show the documents that relate to the product being made, or the manufacturing process, or equipment being used
  • Make any documents available e.g. standard operating procedures (SOPs), product specifications, process instructions, recipes, CAD drawings, quality procedures, inspection plans, maintenance manuals
  • Create new libraries e.g. defect libraries, best practice information

Access to Documents 

  • Configure links to the latest electronic version of your documents
  • Multiple document formats supported –any document that can be displayed in a browser e.g.  Pdf, Word, Excel, images, etc.
  • Make access to documents context sensitive, speed up access and reduce navigation and choices e.g. the product being made, the equipment being used
  • Save time – speed up access to the right document
  • Avoid working with the wrong document - ensure that only the latest versions are accessible
  • Go-paperless - eliminate printing and distribution costs and lower dust in clean environments

Get more value from the module by using it in conjunction with other applications of Shopfloor-Online MES:

  • Quality  - to make SOP accessible in 2-clicks when performing quality checks.
  • Job Tracking - to provide quick access to Product Specifications, CAD drawings, Set up Instructions and SOPs when starting the next production run.
  • Maintenance - to provide engineering diagrams and instructions of machines and equipment.