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Line Log Book

Line Log Book - Lighthouse MES Production

Improve communication between your teams with an electronic log book


Need better shift hand-overs? 

So many factories still use paper line log books, but these are difficult to share and don’t facilitate communications between teams. Use the Line Log Book module of the MES software to:
  • Replace paper line log books 
  • Improve visibility and communication 
  • Ensure all shift events are recorded, such as set up conditions, tool changes, material changes and process adjustments
  • Provide traceability with shift records being available to all on the plant

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What are the benefits of the Line Log Book module?

  1. Go paperless – no more paper distribution, collation and filing
  2. Learn lessons – what were the difficult production runs – what were the issues?
  3. Avoid mistakes – get easy access to the log book where all issues are recorded
  4. Improve effectiveness –save operators’ time and make it easy for everyone to access and read the log
  5. Communication – ensure no information is lost between shifts as well as between management and operators
  6. Traceability – quickly trace issues on shifts in the production record 
  7. Cost savings –  cut costs of filing and handling paper records
  • All information is time-stamped and automatically related to the production run, product being made, process and equipment
  • Allow operatives to record comments and information at any time
  • Provide a readily available list of user-defined events to record: shift handovers comments, tool changes, cleaning, issues, etc.

Combine the Line Log book module with others in Lighthouse MES to increase the scope of data recorded:

  • Job Tracking – know what was made and when
  • Downtime – capture and analyse all downtime events/reasons
  • Waste – capture scrap and waste issue
  • Quality – capture the results of quality checks and any issues found
  • Tool Management – know what tools were used in the process
  • Labour – know who signed on the line