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Labour Tracking - Lighthouse MES Production

Record, plan and analyse manpower deployment across the plant


Need to account for manpower in your manufacturing operations?

Labour is one of the significant costs of manufacturing and it needs to be managed. Whilst the headcount per shift is usually planned, it is harder to track the actual deployment of labour throughout the facility on a shift by shift basis. Use the Labour Tracking module of the MES software module to:
  • Record each person working on each production process
  • Plan manpower requirements
  • Track man-hours used across the shift, by line and order.
  • Track labour hours spent on non-production activities like cleaning or projects
  • Send manpower actuals to ERP for wage calculations

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What are the benefits of the Labour Tracking module?

  1. Cost control - improve the control of labour cost by tracking labour hours per Order
  2. Effectiveness - manage exception with reports showing where labour costs deviate from planned cost
  3. Traceability - capture where people were working and when

Plan manpower requirements

  • Define manpower required on the product routing
  • Roll-up the production schedule to see the overall manpower requirements

Record labour 

  • Operatives log on and off production lines, Lighthouse MES captures the duration automatically
  • Operatives can move between lines or manage several lines at once
  • Operators can record hours to non-production activities like projects (e.g. new product introductions, 5S,) or overhead orders (e.g. cleaning the work area, team meetings)


  • Compare planned hours with actual hours
  • Send manpower actuals to ERP for wage calculations

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