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Label Printing

Label Printing - Lighthouse MES Inventory

Easily print the bar-code labels you need, when you need them


Are you looking to improve your labelling? Instead of printing in advance, print on demand, with no operator input.

The Label Printing software module of Lighthouse MES software lets you:
  • Print labels automatically, on demand, at the point of production
  • Label received goods, WIP and finished goods e.g. pallets, boxes, cartons, containers, skids
  • Set up numerous templates for different situations: internal labels, shipping labels, final labels
  • Display accurate information such as part number, description, lot number, next operation, safety and hazard warning

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What are the benefits of the Label Printing module?

  1. Improve effectiveness – no need to print labels in advance
  2. Reduce waste – never print labels that are not needed, print only what you need when you need it
  3. Improve control – serialised lot numbers are better controlled when printed on demand rather than in advance
  4. Reduce errors – print the right label, with the right information, on the right template every time

Generate labels

  • Print labels automatically at the point of production, on demand, and route to nearest printer
  • Have your own label templates and get the system to automatically use the correct template
  • Print multiple labels (in some applications each package may require more than one label, and they may be of different designs)
  • Reprint labels as required
  • Print other labels such as product information or safety notices
Get more value from the module by using it in conjunction with other applications of Lighthouse MES:
  • Inventory Management - as new lots are created, print labels automatically e.g. for pallets, boxes, lots, containers