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Inventory Management

Inventory Management - Lighthouse MES Inventory

Get control on work in progress (WIP) and enable traceability with the Inventory Management Module.


Do you need to manage material lots, WIP and finished goods? Do you need traceability? 

Meet today’s requirements of accurate inventory control and traceability with Lighthouse MES.

What does Lighthouse MES software’s Inventory Management Module do?

Use the Inventory management software module of Lighthouse MES software to:

  • Keep a tight control on inventory and reduce working capital
  • Track lots of raw materials, semi-finished and finished goods, from goods-in to the warehouse in the MES system
  • Implement full traceability in both directions from product made to materials consumed, or materials consumed to products affected
  • Synchronise real-time inventory with the ERP

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What are the benefits of the Inventory Management module?

  1. Reduce working capital: reduce WIP levels, know what is available, implement a pull strategy
  2. Stock accuracy: implement better control of inventory at a lot level
  3. Visibility: see exactly where all inventory lots are at any point in time
  4. Quality: manage isolations and release properly
  5. Traceability: meet customer requirements for full two-way traceability
  6. Continuous improvement: analyse the historic data e.g. top 10 scrap reasons
  7. Business continuity: inventory managed in MES means it is isolated from ERP outage

Create inventory lots

  • Create a record for each lot of inventory created (including semi-finished goods and finished goods) and automatically attach traceability details such as work centre, creation date/time, production order, and so on 
  • Create inventory records when goods are received and automatically attach traceability details such as supplier, supplier lot number, supplier traceability information
  • Optionally, automatically generate unique lot numbers in user defined formats

Move inventory

  • Move inventory between locations: warehouses, local stores, bins, racks
  • Keep a complete movement history of each lot 
  • Pack lots onto containers and move containers around the factory

Manage quality states

  • Inventory lots can change state using a user-defined set of states. For example inventory can be created, isolated, scrapped and released. Set up rules that control valid state changes.
  • When inventory is isolated or scrapped capture the reasons why for subsequent analysis
  • Keep a history of the state changes, including who made the decision, when and where

Inventory control

  • Generate user defined first in - first out (FIFO) keys, used in subsequent consumption operations to ensure oldest stock is consumed first
  • Use best-before dates and use-after dates to ensure aged inventory is used within requirements

Synchronise with ERP/Warehouse Systems

  • Create a seamless link to the Warehousing systems or ERP

Get more value from the inventory management system by using it in conjunction with other applications of Lighthouse MES.

  • Label Printing – automatically print bar code labels as lots are created.
  • Traceability – Consumption - to achieve full material traceability, and track inventory consumption (raw material and Work in Progress) in the production of new materials
  • Build Traceability - to gain full traceability of serialised parts
  • Warehousing – Logistics - receive inbound deliveries, ship outbound deliveries and implement material movement orders
  • Customer Complaints - to achieve traceability from inventory pack number back through all aspects of production