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Energy Management

Energy Management - Lighthouse MES Maintenance

Implement energy management in your manufacturing operations


Looking to better control energy consumption on your plant?

You can’t make savings if you don’t have the details of where the costs are. Lighthouse MES Software, by collecting readings from meters closer to the production processes gives you the information you need to see the opportunities for savings. Use the Energy Monitoring software module to:
  • Monitor energy sources like electricity, gas, inert gasses, water, wastewater, steam…
  • Capture readings in real-time, automatically, directly from the meters
  • Correlate energy use with processes running in production.
  • Know what it costs to make and what it costs when the processes are idle.
  • Work out cost per unit/piece
  • Enable sustainability initiatives such as Lean, 6 Sigma and ISO 5001:2011 by addressing energy waste

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What are the benefits of the Energy Management module?

  1. Visibility – give production visibility of energy use – in real-time – they can take simple measures which can be very effective, e.g. when the line is stopped or not running
  2. Cost savings – reduce energy waste when you are not in production and identify leaks e.g. compressed air, water
  3. React faster – respond to alarms under peak loads
  4. Improve cost control – supports accurate allocation of energy cost
  5. Benchmark – facilitates the benchmarking of production equipment and facilities
  6. Sustainability – enable sustainability initiatives such as Lean, 6 sigma and ISO 5001:2011 by addressing energy waste

Monitor all energy sources

  • Electricity
  • Natural Gas
  • Water
  • Inert gasses (N2, Argon)
  • Compressed air
  • Steam

Data Collection

  • Collect data automatically from PLCs via OPC
  • Create virtual meters via aggregation of other meter values
  • Collect data manually (when automatic collection is not available) and set up reminders

Work with the data

  • Capture numerous measures from the meters e.g. consumption, rates/flows, other aspects like power factor
  • Create categories (such as lighting, heating, ancillary, production)
  • Assign meters to relevant cost centres
  • Define targets when processes are running, stopped or idle

ERP Integration

  • Automate upload of energy costs to relevant cost centres in the ERP 


  • Report by source, area, equipment, process
  • Report when production is running, stopped or idle
  • Report energy per piece
  • Track trends, see readings over time, watch for peak demand
  • Email alerts when thresholds are crossed
  • Provide powerful dashboards to visualise energy consumed per process/line/machine/parts made
The Energy Monitoring module of Lighthouse MES can be used stand-alone, but is enhanced when used with: