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Asset Register

Asset Register - Lighthouse MES Maintenance

Improve enterprise asset management (EAM) with Lighthouse MES


Are you looking to manage manufacturing assets? 

Managing asset performance across the factory can be quite a challenge: work areas, production lines, machines, sub-components, tools, containers, measurement equipment. Use the Asset Register software module of Lighthouse MES software to:
  • Manage plant equipment through the life cycle from purchase through to decommissioning
  • Manage equipment states: e.g. ready, requires cleaning, etc.
  • Build up a history of asset use and activity
  • Make the software module the foundation for managing maintenance and repair work in the manufacturing execution system

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What are the benefits of the Asset Register module?

  1. Improve effectiveness – one place to record and manage asset performance data, accessible to everyone 
  2. Enforce equipment workflow – make sure equipment that requires cleaning cannot be accidentally used
  3. Improve decision making  – based on detailed asset history provided by the MES system

Create a hierarchical asset register 

  • Create an asset hierarchy: facility -> areas -> lines -> machines -> components
  • Include ancillary equipment like power, water and waste treatment facilities and infrastructure such as structures, buildings and areas

Associate spare parts

  • Create BOMs for spare parts required to maintain plant equipment

Track asset performance 

  • Over the life cycle, from purchase to end of life
  • Capture data usage of the asset e.g. machine in production capture cycles, counts, quantities made
  • Track the movement of assets in the factory

Equipment status and cleaning

  • Create a user defined set of states e.g. available, requires cleaning, clean, requires repair, and so on
  • Create a user defined set of rules to transition from one state to another
  • Use these states to manage scenarios like preventing equipment from being used that hasn’t been cleaned


  • Generate powerful reports detailing asset history and asset performance
Get more value from the Asset Register software module in conjunction with other modules of Lighthouse MES.
Production Counting - to record life time counts of cycles or parts produced and trigger maintenance procedures
Downtime Analysis - to record downtime losses and breakdowns against assets
Maintenance Management - to schedule maintenance procedures against each asset
Repairs Management - to record breakdowns and repairs against assets
Links to Documents - to provide maintenance teams with the necessary documentation to carry out maintenance procedures