Shopfloor-Online MES Features


Web based
Shopfloor-OnlineTM can be hosted on your servers or in the cloud and accessed via any web browser.

MES software with a built-in interfacing tool, to build robust and efficient interfaces to your plant equipment, ERP systems, and any other manufacturing applications. 

Real-time visibility
MES software that shows the current state of the factory, updated live from all data sources. Report dashboards provide instantaneous alerts to problems and exceptions, for real Smart Manufacturing Intelligence.

The native reporting engine of Shopfloor-Online offers many standard reports that you can adapt to your needs. Reports can be presented in tabular form or charts, in Excel, Word or PDF format, and can be easily emailed or downloaded.

Security and Audit
Secure access to the MES system is controlled through authorised logins and user rights. Transaction logs provide a full audit trail of changes to any data.

The Shopfloor-Online MES system can be run simultaneously on PCs, tablets and rugged mobile devices such as bar code scanners used by operatives or fork-lift truck drivers.