Shopfloor-Online MES Architecture

The web-based MES / MOM software for all your factory data


Shopfloor-Online provides an essential building block for the smart factory

The MES platform’s architecture supports the complete digitisation of manufacturing operations. It enables smooth roll-out of global operational standards and develops better team collaboration, even more so across multi-site factories.

You can choose to deploy the MES on-premise or to host it in the cloud.

Architecture Components

  • The Shopfloor-Online web application, hosted under Microsoft IIS
  • The Shopfloor-Online database, hosted on either Microsoft SQL Server or Oracle
  • The Universal Data Interface (UDI) – an environment for hosting plug-in interface scripts to ERP, other factory applications and complex measurement systems
  • The OPC Client – a built-in OPC Client to collect shop floor data directly from PLCs controlling machines and plant equipment

MES Architecture

  • One set of consistent and accurate manufacturing data
  • All your KPIs calculated consistently
  • Accurate reporting in real-time
  • No client install
  • Easy access for all users via the web browser
  • Flexibility to position servers locally, in a data centre or in the cloud
  • Reduce the number of applications, interfaces, platforms, and the number of vendors, to simplify on-going management
  • Reduce the TCO of manufacturing IT
  • Reduce platform dependence
  • Improve operational resiliency