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LINPAC Packaging drive for world-class performance with Lighthouse Systems MES


"Our projects have to deliver a payback within 12 months to be considered by the board and we have been able to meet that requirement with Lighthouse."  Gerry O'Connor, Solution Delivery Leader


LINPAC operate a high volume business where material cost is a key operating factor (50 to 70% of manufacturing costs). The global packaging manufacturer needed to improve visibility of information across the plants to reduce downtime and waste, and improve OEE and profitability.

When it's in-house system did not deliver on expectations, LINPAC implemented Lighthouse Systems' MES/MOM software to seamlessly interface with Oracle ERP and replicated the solution across all manufacturing sites.

Shopfloor-OnlineTM MOM Software

Number of manufacturing plants: 8

Shofloor-Online integrates with the company's Oracle ERP. 

Performance Monitoring and Analysis

Shopfloor-Online MES collects downtime data in real-time, directly from the machine PLCs. 

The OEE system module provides an accurate view of waste and line speed that can be used to benchmark performance.

Actual material usage is monitored against estimated requirements, enabling LINPAC to actively control waste.

Production schedules are downloaded to the MES and accurate data for production achieved is uploaded to the Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) system.

Quality Control & Traceability

The MES software holds the quality control plan and enforces it.

Barcode labels for finished goods are automatically printed.

Key benefits

  • Reduction of raw material used: in some cases, the MES software has allowed LINPAC to vary the bill of materials to reduce manufacturing costs without compromise to product quality
  • Reduction of waste / recycling
  • Performance KPIs are visible to everyone providing real-time awareness of production
  • Lean Management: Shopfloor-Online supports Lean through the provision of accurate information, used by LINPAC to drive improvements. 

About LINPAC Packaging

LINPAC Packaging is a global player in the evolution of fresh food packaging, delivering packaging solutions to customers in the retail, catering and food manufacturing sectors worldwide.

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