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IoTco is the Internet of Things Company. We enable industrial and manufacturing clients to realize digital transformation, and to innovate, scale, and redefine their businesses. 

We provide the latest in Industrial Internet of Things (IIoT) and Predictive Analytics technology and services, coupled with our IoT Academy for training and education. We serve clients in their journey to realize “smart factory” and “smart product” applications in automotive, aerospace/defense, heavy industry, medical devices, and other verticals. IoTco technology offers seamless Connectivity to any device and thing,  intelligent Cognition of big data streams, and cross-IT-system Collaboration. 

IoTco is headquartered in the United States - Cincinnati OH, with a global network of expert partners in Canada, Mexico, UK, Germany, China, and India. 

We deliver results through Digital Transformation.

MES market expertise

Automotive, Aerospace, Automotive, Heavy Industry

Regions covered

North America (Canada, USA, and Mexico)


The IoTco Sales Team

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