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Intelligent Plant Maintenance - Webinar

17th July 2018, Online


Take plant maintenance to the next level with an intelligent, mobile and user-friendly application.

Are you finding that maintenance operations are often managed in isolation? Would the plant performance benefit from a greater integration between your production and maintenance teams? 

Join the Lighthouse Systems webinar on Tuesday 17th July 2018 - 1 pm BST* duration: 45mn  *(British summer time - UTC +1).

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Content overview

Shopfloor-Online Maintenance Overview

From building a complete life cycle history for all assets to performing maintenance procedures and integrating AM (autonomous maintenance) to your maintenance programme..see everything you can do with Shopfloor-Online.

Maintenance on Mobile & Tablets

What Maintenance Engineers get at their fingertips: schedule, work instructions, maintenance steps and much more.

Intelligent Maintenance

How Shopfloor-Online 7 uses events to trigger condition-based maintenance activity and keep the plant running smoothly.

Proactive Reporting & Alerts

How supervisors and managers can be alerted to repeated issues and their history, view analytical reports and use the Maintenance application to drive improvements.

Who is it for?

Head of Operations, Maintenance Managers, Manufacturing Heads, Operational IT, OPEX, Site Managers. 

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