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MES for the Sustainable Energy Industry

MES software for the Sustainable Energy industry


"We needed an MES system that could deal with the changes we are making to the product and its processes but also one that can evolve with us as we enter the volume production phase at a later stage."
Ananda Mello-Costa, Quality Manager

Key challenges facing the Sustainable Energy industry 

Green Energy technologies, such as wind energy, PV (photovoltaic), and energy storage continue year on year to grow their contribution to the global energy mix. 
Challenges as a manufacturer in the Sustainable Energy industry include:
  • Rising demand means increasing volume whilst maintaining the highest quality standards and minimising warranty claims
  • With price pressures, due to intensifying competition, manufacturing operations must be more efficient
  • Technological changes give the opportunity to introduce new manufacturing processes and equipment
  • Green Energy products are expected to have a long life, full traceability is required to ensure you can track down the source of any faults or claims

Lighthouse MES: Digital Transformation for the Sustainable Energy industry

Lighthouse MES Software / MOM Software provides you with real-time visibility and control on all your manufacturing processes at the same time as driving up quality standards and control. Our customers include global manufacturers making PV products, making Lithium batteries, and performing complex assembly.
With our MES solutions they find they can increase OEE, enforce standardisation across their production processes, drive up quality, and implement end-to-end traceability.

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  • Tight integration with ERP - download production orders for execution then upload progress
  • Better control and visibility of inventory - parts, semi-finished and finished products
  • Increase operator efficiency and minimise errors - automated capture of shop floor data from the production processes
  • Full product genealogy - barcode scanning of parts at every stage and serialisation of finished products
  • Integrated quality control management - ensure finished products meet performance requirements

With LighthouseMES software modules, take a step by step approach to MES investment. Expect each investment to make a return within 6-12 months.

  • Standardisation of production processes to drive up quality and make efficiency gains
  • Improve operational decision making at all levels with real-time automated data capture
  • Standardise operations to enable performance benchmarking across plants and increase flexibility and capacity to cope with demand changes
  • Drive up quality control and reduce warranty claims.
  • Incorporate new processes and equipment quickly to take advantage of new technologies
  • Support the IT strategy of your company with an information system seamlessly connecting plant equipment to plant operations, to business management
  • Lower the risk of implementation with a step-by-step approach to MES software and incrementally meet business needs with Lighthouse MES modules
  • Improve access and ease deployment – Lighthouse MES system is web-based, accessible anywhere on the network
  • A global solution -  Lighthouse MES’ manufacturing operations management solutions are multi-site, multi-lingual, multi-time-zone
  • Reduce the complexities of support and training- with one MES addressing all operations needs
  • Cloud based MES Software – move the servers to the corporate data centre or move to the cloud
  • Lean IT – consolidate manufacturing operations with one scalable platform, remove home-grown applications and reduce the number of interfaces to various systems increasingly difficult to support

Ceres Power - Fuel cell manufacturer

Technology manufacturer is equipped to scale up production with Shopfloor-Online MES software implemented across production departments:

  • Instant visibility of complex manufacturing processes
  • Automated data collection saves time throughout materials preparation, cell production and assembly
  • Accurate inventory management and production data reduces waste

►Ceres Power case study

SunPower - Solar PV Manufacturer 

Solar PV manufacturer is equipped to improve traceability, compliance and efficiency by combining smart equipment, improved processes, plant automation and Shopfloor-Online MES software:

  • SunPower has increased agility when it comes to launching new products
  • Reduced direct labour and improve throughput time by about 40%
  • All performance data for each panel is stored in the MES, from where it can be sent to distributors and installers

SunPower case study

"We needed an MES system that could deal with the changes we are making to the product and its processes but also one that can evolve with us as we enter the volume production phase at a later stage."
Ananda Mello-Costa, Quality Manager