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MES for the Pharmaceutical Industry

MES software for the Pharmaceutical and Life Science industry


"Lighthouse [...] worked closely with us to develop the systems to exactly fit our requirements. We have achieved a great deal already and we have plans to further develop our systems with Lighthouse."
Operations Director, I-Holland

Meet the key challenges of compliance, cost and rapid change

The global Pharmaceutical industry has undergone profound changes in recent years, giving rise to a unique set of challenges:

  • Expiry of patents threatening profitability
  • Reducing time to market for new drugs and innovations
  • Mergers and acquisitions changing corporate structures and business processes
  • Changing regulatory environment – particularly impacting non-tier 1 companies
  • Emergence of new bio-tech, new entrants, and the need for compliance and agility
  • Generic drug manufacturers must also meet the compliance requirements
  • Growing cost pressures on the entire industry creating increased need to drive efficiencies in manufacturing

Lighthouse MES: Digital Transformation for the Pharmaceutical industry

Lighthouse MES / MOM Software is designed to help all Pharmaceutical companies - whether traditional and generic, contract manufacturing or biotech - with the challenges and regulations of drug manufacture:

  • Lighthouse MES Software meets all the compliance requirements in terms of GAMP and 21CRF11
  • The Workflow and EBR module allows you to build MES solutions without customisation
  • Use the Weigh & Dispense module to manage this process including direct control of the weigh scales
  • All traceability requirements are fully met from materials, quality checks, equipment, process parameters, operators, all aspects of the process execution are recorded
  • Set up multi-level electronic signatures for sign off

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  • Dramatically shorten the production release process – all production records are available electronically at the click of a button
  • Save time by working by exception – operators are alerted to omissions and exceptions
  • Create a library of master recipes for all products and processes
  • Enforce Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) – ensure the process follows in strict adherence to the recipe
  • Validate materials when used –  for example, the material is correct as defined in the BOM and is within its use-by dates
  • Enforce Line Clearance Procedures – for example the equipment has been through the proper cleaning cycle
  • Complete two-way traceability of raw materials and finished goods
  • Gain real-time visibility on operations and processes with visual tools and drill-down reporting
  • Improved efficiency across the board with fewer manual operations, accurate performance data such as OEE, Labour, Waste
  • Support continuous improvement  with the Quality and CAPA modules of the Manufacturing Execution System
  • Lower risks and make considerable savings in the production release process
  • Compliance costs are reduced
  • Improve agility through quick integration of new technologies and processes
  • Your Manufacturing Execution System solution doesn’t have to cost $1+m/plant – Lighthouse MES system has its roots in high-volume, cost sensitive manufacturing like the automotive sector. We know how to deliver cost effective solutions to you
  • Support the IT strategy of your company with an information system seamlessly connecting plant equipment to plant operations, to business management
  • Lower the risk of implementation – take a step-by-step approach to MES software and incrementally meet business needs with Lighthouse MES modules
  • Improve access and ease deployment – Lighthouse MES is web-based, accessible anywhere on the network
  • A global solution – Lighthouse MES’ manufacturing operations management solutions are multi-site, multi-lingual, multi-time-zone
  • Reduce the complexities of support and training  with one Manufacturing Execution System addressing all operations needs
  • Cloud based MES Software – move the servers to the corporate data centre or move to the cloud
  • Lean IT – consolidate manufacturing operations with one scalable platform; remove home-grown applications and reduce the number of interfaces to various systems increasingly difficult to support

I-Holland – Precision tools manufacturer

Tablet forming tools manufacturer upgrades standalone SPC software to regain production capacity:

  • Shopfloor-Online MES software provides automated data collection and order processing, improving lead times while reducing waste by up to 15%
  • Efficiency has improved from making 10% of extra product to just one spare per production run
  • CAPA management has improved customer satisfaction and value, and facilitated implementation of a “priority delivery” service

►I-Holland case study

"Lighthouse [...] worked closely with us to develop the systems to exactly fit our requirements. We have achieved a great deal already and we have plans to further develop our systems with Lighthouse."
Operations Director, I-Holland