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MES software for the Automotive Industry

MES software for the Automotive industry


"Lighthouse Shopfloor-Online was the ideal fit for us. It promised to deliver a factory information system approach that would enable us to understand and monitor the performance of our plant operations. It is delivering on that promise!" Nissan Powertrain

Meet key challenges including efficiency, quality and global standardisation

Consumer tastes and expectations are changing at an increasing pace in the automotive market. To satisfy demand, automotive manufacturers, OEMs must reduce Time to Market and control costs whilst addressing the diverse needs of worldwide customer segments. Throughout the automotive supply chain, manufacturers are implementing MES software to address these challenges.

Digital transformation for the Automotive industry

Shopfloor-Online MES / MOM leads the field in the digital transformation in automotive industry. Connecting the factory, from the top floor to the shop floor, the MES brings real-time visibility on the process and provides tools to:
  • Standardise processes on a global scale for a highly integrated industry
  • Introduce New Products Faster - driving the need to improve design for manufacture
  • Reduce risks of product recalls and costs of warranty claims
The Automotive industry generates a huge amount of manufacturing data. The powerful reporting tools available in Shopfloor-Online make sense of all the data, collected and collated from all departments in the factory.
Lighthouse Systems was recognised wirh an "Honorable Mention" in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Manufacturing Execution Systems reportFind out more.
  • Shopfloor-Online MES provides real-time visibility of all production processes and OEE
  • Keep inventory levels on the shop floor to a minimum without jeopardising contractual delivery times
  • Enable Just-in-Time and Made to Order operations with better material flow throughout the supply chain and to the end customer
  • Save indirect labour cost through the automated collection of data from various sources on the shop floor as well as suppliers: PLC, Scada, CMM…
  • Ensure assembly torque processes work 24/7
  • Accelerate Time-to-Market - introduce new products faster through the seamless data collection of production trials and increased flexibility of production process changes
  • Implement rigorous Quality and compliance programmes
  • Enable complete product traceability - provide a platform for standardised and manual quality checks, identify and quarantine non-conformant parts, register concerns and complaints
  • Implement cross-plant benchmarking by standardising processes on a global-scale
  • Integrate the supply chain better -  benchmark suppliers, and contribute to suppliers satisfactorily meeting conformance criteria
  • Improve Design for Manufacture with comprehensive data collection being fed back to Engineering
  • Reduce warranty claims and recalls
  • Support the IT strategy of your company with an information system seamlessly connecting plant equipment to plant operations, to business management
  • Lower the risk of implementation – take a step-by-step approach to MES software and incrementally meet business needs with Shopfloor-Online modules
  • Improve access and ease deployment – Shopfloor-Online is web-based, accessible anywhere on the network
  • A global solution – Lighthouse Systems’ manufacturing operations management solutions are multi-site, multi-lingual, multi-time-zone
  • Reduce the complexities of support and training with one MES addressing all operations needs
  • Cloud based MES Software – move the servers to the corporate data centre or move to the cloud
  • Lean IT – consolidate manufacturing operations with one scalable platform; remove home-grown applications and reduce the number of interfaces to various systems increasingly difficult to support

Nissan - New Product Introduction

Well-known car manufacturer reduces new product launch time by 50% whilst ensuring Quality requirements are met:

  • Over 63 spreadsheets replaced with the Quality and SPC modules of Shopfloor-Online MES, providing real-time data collection and analysis
  • Quality data is now 100% accurate and reports are created in seconds

►Nissan Qashqai case study

Nissan - Powertrain

Automotive manufacturer increases efficiency and reduces warranty claims with the simplicity of improved quality data management:

  • Standalone SPC software replaced with MES to monitor additional data and from multiple sources
  • Shopfloor-Online now provides a unique platform for clear and immediate access to all Quality data generated in the production process of critical components

►Nissan (Sunderland) case study

Le Bélier - Aluminium Safety Component

Automotive supplier drives plant performance improvements with Shopfloor-Online MES:

  • Quality Operations management: over 100,000 quality checks / year and over 1000 measuring actions/day
  • Accurate and quick OEE
  • Increased efficiency of NPI
  • Reduced TCO of the manufacturing execution infrastructure

►Le Bélier case study

Bulten – Full Service Provider of fastener solutions

Automotive supplier gains process standardisation, visibility and improved quality control:

  • Quality control system upgraded with automated data collection, a schedule for quality checks and real-time SPC analysis
  • Quick and accurate reporting provides clarity and visibility of processes

►Bulten case study

Hydro Automotive and Thyssen Krup – Car Chassis and Press-Part Manufacturing

Parts manufacturer uses Shopfloor-Online to demonstrate process capabilities:

  • Ensure maximum cycles from tooling before resetting or replacing
  • Benchmark tool supplier conformance against company criteria

►See the Tool Management module for more information.

"Lighthouse Shopfloor-Online was the ideal fit for us. It promised to deliver a factory information system approach that would enable us to understand and monitor the performance of our plant operations. It is delivering on that promise!" Nissan Powertrain