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Meet the key challenges of standardisation and continual change

The supply chain in the building and construction sector is quite diverse. It is directly affected by global and national economies but also by the impact of changes in consumer lifestyle and environmental and safety regulations.

These factors add up to a range of challenges in manufacturing data analytics:

  • Demand is variable, often driven by demand cycles in the economy, driving a need for flexibility
  • The requirement to standardise operations and enforce best practice
  • Global competition puts pressure on costs, enhancing the need to compete on innovation and customer service excellence to create a differentiation
  • The need to quickly introduce new products, technology and production processes

How can Lighthouse Systems MES help you?

Shopfloor-Online MES / MOM provides real-time visibility and control on all manufacturing operations, enabling you to make full use of your production capacity and increase throughput.
Shopfloor-Online is integrated with ERP and able to manage all manufacturing scheduling, execution, inventory and quality control in one place, enabling real-time manufacturing data collection and analysis.