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MES for the Aerospace Industry

MES software for the Aerospace industry


Key Challenges facing aerospace manufacturers and their suppliers

Safety and in-service efficiency, particularly where the air travel market is concerned, are the overriding concerns governing manufacturing in the aerospace industry. The problem is exacerbated by working in a regulated environment, with increasing complexity in design, increased collaborative engineering, new materials and the drive for cost savings. These add up to a range of challenges:
  • The complexity of a supply chain that has to work collaboratively
  • The obligation to conform to specifications
  • An abundance of safety-critical features
  • The need to achieve high first-time pass rates and reduce scrap of high-value materials.
The volume of data associated with all of the above is huge and it needs to be organised, recorded and maintained for decades (CMMs data for example).

Lighthouse MES: Digital Transformation for the Aerospace industry

Lighthouse MES / MOM Software is a modular system that can integrate with all the existing equipment and data sources associated with aerospace manufacturing and CMMs in particular.
The MES solutions from Lighthouse, an Infor Company, are widely used in many discrete manufacturing organisations where safety, compliance and costs are at the top of the agenda.
Lighthouse, an Infor Company, was recognised with an "Honorable Mention" in the 2021 Gartner Magic Quadrant for Manufacturing Execution Systems reportFind out more.

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  • Data capture and management – collect the data coming from all equipment and CMMs in one place and analyse them
  • Real-time visibility – view the equipment and processes as they happen on an entire plant or network of sites
  • Conformance to product specifications – manage all the product specifications and the latest revisions in Lighthouse MES and enforce the quality control plan
  • Time saving – monitor all features of products or parts and identify quickly non-conformance and low capability issues
  • Trending  – advance warning of trends and events makes it possible to avoid problems such as tool wear
  • Performance benchmarking – enable performance levels to be maintained by benchmarking key aspects of the process and alerting any variance
  • Regulatory Compliance – demonstrate regulatory compliance to clients and industry regulators
  • Safety & Brand reputation – managing the quality control plan in the system will ensure consistent & highest quality levels and support fastest product recalls in the event of a fault
  • Bottom line  – improve margins through less rework, fewer non-conformance, better control over labour, process improvement and supplier performance benchmarking
  • Support the IT strategy of your company with an information system seamlessly connecting plant equipment to plant operations, to business management
  • Lower the risk of implementation – take a step-by-step approach to MES software and incrementally meet business needs with Lighthouse MES modules
  • Improve access and ease deployment – Lighthouse MES is web-based, accessible anywhere on the network
  • A global solution – Lighthouse Systems’ manufacturing operations management solutions are multi-site, multi-lingual, multi-time-zone
  • Reduce the complexities of support and training with one MES addressing all operations needs
  • Cloud based MES Software – host the solution in Lighthouse MES in the corporate data centre or the cloud
  • Lean IT – consolidate manufacturing operations with one scalable platform, remove home-grown applications and reduce the number of interfaces to various systems increasingly difficult to support