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I-Holland precision tools manufacturer

I-Holland Puts Shop Floor Data at the Heart of Growth Plans


"[...] Waste is reduced to almost nothing."

John Woloszczak
Operations Director

Market leading precision tools manufacturer upgrades standalone SPC software to increase capacity and reduce waste through automated processing and accurate shop floor data.


I-Holland makes high-precision tablet-forming tools for Pharmaceutical manufacturers. These complex tools can embed detailed logos and texts and are made to order in small batches; an average batch size is around 30 units. Each batch must meet strict tolerance levels that are specific to each drugs manufacturer.  

The I-Holland production site in Nottingham had only used manual processes for many years with no reporting on its factory lines.  The company was making over 10% of extra product to ensure that it could produce sufficient in-specification product for each order.

At one point, the production site was running 24/7 and had no spare capacity.

I-Holland absolutely needed to regain the production capacity lost through over-making.  To achieve this it needed to automate order processing and ensure the correct set-up of the line, first time. The company also wanted to give more control to operators in a move to incentivise workforce productivity.

The company upgraded from Lighthouse Systems' standalone SPC software to Shopfloor-Online, the enterprise-wide MES software.

Shopfloor-OnlineTM MOM Software

Shopfloor-Online MES software was implemented in a staged approach.

Order processing and production run set-up

The specifications are now driven by sales order processing and delivered from the ERP to the MES with the necessary instruction. With the automation of the order processing to the shop floor systems, I-Holland can ensure that the set-up of the line is accurate first time. It now only manufactures one spare for each production run!

Having the manufacturing data immediately available on the shop floor has reduced lead times considerably, further increasing capacity.

Automating shop floor data collection from the PLCs

Automated data collection provides greater visibility on all aspects of manufacturing production. The software has also supported the move towards increased operator autonomy and the implementation of productivity incentives via a profit share scheme.

Concerns management

I-Holland later implemented the Customer Complaints and Concerns (CAPA) module of Shopfloor-Online. CAPA data now recorded in the MES software links to the company CRM, which has enabled faster responses to customer queries and complaints. 

Key Benefits:

  • Production capacity increased by up to 15% through the elimination of manufacturing waste / scrap
  • Shorter production lead times
  • Better capacity planning
  • Enhanced customer value with a “priority delivery” service
  • Improved customer relationship


I-Holland is a market leader of innovative tablet tooling and complementary equipment and previous winner of the HSBC Midlands Regional Global Connections award that recognises the UK's most innovative companies.

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