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GTECH increases efficiencies in gaming machine manufacturing


"Shopfloor-Online provides us with a world-class measurement system so we can highlight inefficiencies and address them immediately."
Steve Wheeler, Senior Manufacturing Manager

Leading gaming technology provider gains an estimated 5% productivity increase via the benefits of Shopfloor-Online: real-time data capture and quality checks, end-to-end traceability of serialised parts and CAPA management.


Build Validation and Compliance

GTECH needed an MES system that would improve its ability to deliver highly compliant products. A machine’s cabinet is fitted with a number of sub-assemblies and individual hardware and software components that are tailored to customer specification (such as language and currency) and must comply with local gaming industry regulations.

Non-conformance Management

The company required effective non-conformance management, to reduce errors linked to manual data entry and improve traceability of defective parts back to their suppliers.

Plant and Workforce Performance

GTECH’s previous method of Manufacturing Operations Management used paper records and a stand-alone access database, offering no reliable way to measure performance. Production quality, labour and OEE data was never available when required.

Shopfloor-OnlineTM MOM Software

GTECH chose Shopfloor-Online MES based on its comprehensive functionalities, cost-effectiveness, and proven track record with many large, multi-national manufacturers.

The MES replaces the labour-intensive manual system with automated shop floor data capture and real-time performance monitoring.

Meeting Traceability & Quality Requirements

The work order and Bill of Materials for every machine are imported into Shopfloor-Online MES; the system then schedules the work and releases parts to production.

Throughout the production process:
  • At each sub-assembly area, operators scan the serialised number of consumed parts to validate them against the BOM
  • The warehouse instantaneously supplies parts to the sub-assembly areas as they are required
  • Quality checks and functional tests are performed on in-coming parts, semi-finished and finished products - from goods-in to shipment
  • GTECH provides full traceability including an Electronic Build Record (EBR) for every machine

Performance Monitoring

  • Shopfloor-Online tracks each job from start to finish with exceptions, rework and scrap all accurately logged in the MES system
  • Operators have real-time visibility of their daily target, parts availability and performance
  • GTECH has a clear view of man-hours, downtime and Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE)

Key Benefits

GTECH customers are provided with full traceability: the full build history of every gaming machine is available in the MES software, by work order or serial number.

Reduction of errors and of subsequent customer complaints: only cabinets fitted with the correct parts (up to 400) proceed to the final quality checks. The Quality module enables management by exception.

Real-time visibility of plant performance: Shopfloor-Online MES provides a complete view of plant activity, work orders in progress, man-hours, machine downtime, OEE, rework and scrap.

5% productivity increase: operational improvements due to increased plant visibility - combined with the savings on labour and storage - delivered an estimated 5% productivity increase to GTECH.


GTECH is a leading commercial operator and provider of technology in the highly regulated worldwide gaming markets. The company’s comprehensive suite of products includes machine gaming systems, interactive sports betting and lotteries. GTECH designs, manufactures and distributes top performing games, cabinets, central systems and associated software to legal gaming markets around the world through its SPIELO product brand.

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